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We love to help small business

Khazana Financials shall focus on micro entrepreneurs in view of developing their micro and small businesses on a sustainable basis. Khazana Financials intends to improve the income generating potential of its clients as well as improving their quality of life and their ability to make informed choices. Considering the low access to the financial services in the country

Khazana Financials intends to have greater outreach. As part of its strategic objectives Khazana Financials will cultivate a thorough understanding of Pakistan’s microfinance industry and develop a keen sense of key areas where innovation and initiatives are likely to pay off with an ability to allocate resources.

Improving Pakistan's Microfinance Industry

The strategic objectives of Khazana Financials

Easy Financial Services

Financial inclusion of low income, unbanked and disadvantaged segments of society by providing easily accessible financial services at affordable cost.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment by bringing women in socio economic sphere, awareness raising and providing working capital to start and expand their own business enterprises.

Supporting Low Income

Improved quality of life by supporting impoverished and low-income groups in increasing their disposable income through business growth, which can be spent on improving standard of living and providing essential services for the family.

Khazana Financials - Women Empowerment

Why choose us?


A trusted lender with more passion to evolve professionally


We keep things clear, so you know exactly what you’re getting


No paperwork or complicated processes


To provide financial services responsibly to people to empower them economically and contribute to their socio-economic uplift.

Khazana Financials - Mission Vision



To particularly focus on people from low-income communities having no or low access to appropriate financial services to create economic opportunities and harness their entrepreneurial potential by providing them access to suitable financial services.

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